Earth Day Hofstra University 2014

During Hofstra’s Earth day Fred Soviero, Director of Hofstra’s Aboretum, held a tour and there were activities for students to participate in to educate them on the importance of sustainability.



Earth Day

Anthony Fiorella

On April 22, Hofstra University held a series of events on campus to promote Earth Day and gain awareness. Earth Day is an annual event that promotes the protection of the environment and everything that inhabits it. The first event began at 9:00am and the last event concluded at 9:00pm. The Hofstra community was heavily involved including the Sustainability Studies Club and the Department of Geology.

The Arboretum Tour led by Fred Soviero, Director of the University Arboretum, presented the beautiful campus and the variety of plants that can be seen all over. Later on, Mr. Soviero displayed his impressive knowledge of Hofstra’s Horticulture and spoke about why it is important for everyone to take environmental issues seriously. These decisions would allow us to live in healthier and safer circumstances. “ We were hoping many years ago, when the arboretum was first conceived and now know for a fact, that making plants readily available in an attractive way to people, will spark their interest and jump start that process of knowledge. Where they take it from there is up to each individual,” he stated.

Dr. J Bret Bennington, a professor in the Department in Geology, Environment, and Sustainability at Hofstra gave his insight on our neglect to the environment. “ I’m not so sanguine. But I guess we’ll find out soon enough if humanity can continue to thrive on an environmental dysfunctional planet. We know what we need to do to sustain the natural systems that sustain us. We just lack the political will to do it,” he stated.

Students were encouraged to take part in the garden planting event in the southern part of the campus near Stuyvesant Residence Hall. There were about twenty Hofstra students and faculty members but most of the attendees were young children from local pre-schools. Tomatoes, cucumbers , and other crops were planted.

Workshops and power-point presentations were held during the later hours discussing responsible investing in greener options for the future. Fossil Fuels remained one of the main focuses in the 12:45 pm presentation and why our dependence on them has will have a negative impact on our future. Some of the featured speakers included Dr. E. William Colglazier (Science and Technology Adviser to the Secretary of State), Dr, Burrell Montz (Professor and Chair at East Carolina University) and many others.

On Wednesday, April 23, an Earth Day Open Air Festival took place in Caulkins Quad where many local community organizations celebrated collectively. The Hofstra community hoped that with these events, people would recognize the damage we are causing and how we can salvage our resources more effectively.



Earth Day festivities took place at Hofstra University on April 22 and 23.



A Storify was created to show the interaction between users about Earth Day, raising awareness about the Earth’s condition and getting people involved.


Here is an Infographic discussing what is in the earth’s air, how much is recycled and the amount of trees in North America.





Cloe Voight, A Bounce Above the Rest.


As the General Manager of BounceU, Cloe Voight , has a lot on her plate. She does everything from payroll, to phone calls and customer service. Voight takes pride in her work, coming in early and leaving when everything has finished. She has been working at the BounceU in Stratford, CT since it’s opening in 2008. Voight loves all of her employees as if they were her own children. She gives most of them their first job then watches them grow into young, responsible adults, ready to take on the real world. Prior to working as General Manager, Cloe worked at an oil company  for sixteen years. This gave her a lot of experience and she was ready for new and exciting task. Voight has a passion for her job. She loves getting up in the morning knowing she’s going to do something that makes her happy. Along with making lasting memories with employees and customers.

Milford, CT Board of Education Meeting Slideroll


Here is a Slideroll I created. On Monday night, March 14,  the Milford Board of Education held their monthly meeting. The meeting was held in the Parsons Government Complex in downtown Milford. The board consists of 15 members, including the superintendent and other city officials working to make the town’s education system thrive. At the meeting, students were awarded for their excellence in the classroom as well as outside of the classroom. Civilians were then given the opportunity to openly voice their opinions to the board, stating what they feel are the weak points in the system. Students, as well as, Liaison’s were given the opportunity to update the board on what has been happening in their lines of work. The meeting wrapped up after all topics were discussed and all matter had been resolved. The next meeting will not be held until the third Monday in the next month, April 21.


Unrest in the Endzone

Michael Sam, a football player for the University of Missouri, recently announced he was gay. That’s a big deal because he is the first openly gay football player at the college level with professional potential. I don’t think that his announcement should have been as big of a deal as it was.

I believe that people should have the right to be free to express their sexual orientation anyway they want. There are plenty of homosexual people in our world of all different races, ages and genders. We may not be aware.

Playing football comes off as a very masculine sport. There are no women currently playing at the professional level. Being gay as a male carries with it an effeminate characterization.

Jenna Wyatt, Student at Hofstra University, Said, “I feel like no one would care if you were playing sports such as golf or tennis but because it’s a contact sport that’s where it becomes an issue.”

However, contact is part of the sport. You knock the other guys down to get them out of your way so there is a path to get to the end zone. If a player is concerned about being tackled by gay man then football is probably not the sport for him. Rather than being concerned about the sexuality of the other players they should be more concerned with the game itself.

When giving his interview with ESPN, Sam says “It’s a big deal. No one has done this before.” It is his personal decision that he decided to make and he’s not harming anybody in the process so it shouldn’t matter.

Michael Sam is looking forward to the NFL draft in May and his agent believes that coming out shouldn’t hurt his chances. I don’t believe that it should even be thought of as a factor of concern.

“Your sexual orientation does not affect how you play. It doesn’t affect anything for that matter” said Kasey Rossman, student at Hofstra University.

I don’t believe that publicly announcing that you like the same sex should be such a big ordeal. So many are nervous about coming out when I feel that there should be no reason to be. It is sad that society makes us afraid to be who we are.

There are so many more homosexual athletes and celebrities that we either know of or may not yet have come out. Celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres, Neil Patrick Harris, Lance Bass, and Jane Lynch are all openly proud gay celebs.

“Jason Collins is an openly NBA star and he seems to be doing ok in his career. ” said Abigail Krupienski, nursing student at Concordia College.

Michael Sam should be able to express to whomever he wants about his sexual orientation although that doesn’t mean that the media should report on it. It should become more of a common occurrence and less newsworthy.